St. Helena Catholic School is accredited by Minnesota Nonpublic School Accrediting Association (MNSAA) and meets the standards set forth by the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis for Catholic Identity. 
The average class size is 11.  The teacher to student ratio is 1 teacher to every 9 students. 
St. Helena Catholic School studentsʼ are offered many opportunities throughout the day to develop the whole child.  In addition to extracurricular activities, all students in kindergarten through eighth grade, attend Spanish classes, library class once a week; physical education four times a week; and technology and music classes twice a week.  
Art classes are held once a week.  The sacrament of Holy Mass is offered twice a month for the entire student body along with Holy Days of Obligation.  The Sacrament of Confession is offered twice a year during the school day for children who have made their first Confession.
The Staff of St. Helena Catholic School works together to ensure every child is being offered every opportunity to succeed.  Staff and parents collaborate to recognize any areas in which students may need additional help.  Title I services are available for students who are identified as needing extra support in math and reading, and classes are held before school with St. Helena teachers. 

Father Richard Villano


Ellen Rian



Jane Hileman

Director of Marketing

Joel Swanson

Business Administrator &

Safe Environment Coordinator


Sheila Stone



Kim Berardino

Preschool Site Director

Shannon Skibba

Kindergarten & Title I

Laura Blackman

1st Grade & Title I

Ruth Caron

2nd Grade & Title I

Margaret Kruseman

Katie Kostka

4th Grade & Title I


Megan Neuberger

5th Grade, 6th-8th Math&

Title I

3rd Grade & Title I

Amanda Kintzi

6th Grade, 5th-8th Language Arts & Title I


Rebecca Wratkowski

7th Grade, 5th-8th Science &

8th Religion

Sam Hyberger

8th Grade, 5th-8th Social Studies

& 7th Religion

Anna Stolte

Music & Co-Teacher

Rosa Dull


Una Hachmann

Before School Care & Lunch

Program Director

Bema Harvell

After School Care & Afternoon


Chris Benefield

City Connects Counselor

Bethany Higgins


Dan Biever