Current Families

St. Helena Volunteer Network

Head of the Volunteer Network - Kearney Burns

Kindergarten Room Parents - Mayra Lala & Gina Braun

1st Grade Room Parent - Becky Murphy

2nd Grade Room Parents - Raeanne Stokke & Shannon Boynosky

3rd Grade Room Parents - Anna Sommer Lux and Lisa Janusz

4th Grade Room Parents - Julie Parker & Raeanne Stokke

5th Grade Room Parents - Tenley Hughes

6th Grade Room Parents - TBA

7th Grade Room Parents - Jen Weaverling & Nikole Held

8th Grade Room Parent - Kristi Cooney

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St. Helena Catholic School

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St. Helena Catholic Church

Business Hours: 9:00-3:00 PM

3204 East 43rd Street

Minneapolis, MN, 55406

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